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compustar-remote-pageTurn up the heat on cold winter mornings with a professionally installed remote starter!  From basic one-button car remotes with 800 feet of range to fully programmable two-way interactive systems with over one mile of range, we offer a wide variety of ranges and features guaranteed to fit any need. Thought it was impossible to add a remote starter to your manual transmission vehicle? Think again! Our experienced and knowledgeable installers can add a remote starter to most European vehicles, diesel vehicles, and even manual transmission vehicles.

Portland Tint proudly carries the CompuStar remote start brand which has been heralded as a leader in the industry. Tested at a facility in Anchorage, Alaska, these remote starters are proven under the harshest and most extreme conditions. CompuStar’s remote start pieces are completely interchangeable, so upgrading to car remotes with further range or more features is no problem! We offer a lifetime (as long as you own the vehicle) warranty on the installation and control module of each unit, and up to a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on key fobs.

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  • Early Bird Specials on Remote Starters

    We all know here in Maine that soon we will be waking up to 5 degrees outside and a snow covered vehicle.  But this year, let Portland Tint makes those mornings a little easier with a Compustar remote starter.  We