Marine Film

Did you know that Marine Window Film had so many benefits??

  • Protection and Safety


Llumar window films are known to reduce glare by up to 90% – a powerful advantage over highly reflective surfaces such as sand and water.  Decreased glare significantly improves line of vision, while reducing operator fatigue.  

Safety and security films help to keep glass together in the event of breakage, thereby reducing flying glass and shatter injuries.  From shower doors to cabin windows – we have a wide variety of solar, safety, and decorative films guaranteed to suit your individual need. 


  • Privacy and Security


Our window films are available in a variety of shades and colors.  Provide privacy for the guests and occupants of your vessel while protecting possessions and valuables from would-be thieves.  

  • Heat Reduction


Our high performing window films can block up to 50% of heat entering the cabin of your vessel, helping to keep occupants more comfortable while reducing fuel and air conditioning costs.  


  • UV Protection


Llumar window films significantly reduce damaging sun exposure by blocking out 99.9% of cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays.  Limiting UV exposure also helps to protect the boat’s interior furnishings from fading, cracking, and other solar damage.  

  • Aesthetic Appeal


Enhance the look and style of your boat with one of our many selections of window film.  Available in various levels of visible light transmission and decorative patterns, we have something for everyone.  





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