Tint Certification

Is Portland Tint Inc. a Maine Tint Inspection Station?

Yes, Portland Tint Inc. is a certified tint inspection station for the State of Maine.

Why do I need a tint inspection?

In order to pass Maine’s motor vehicle inspection, cars with window film applied to the driver and/or passenger window must have a valid tint certificate proving that said windows measure 35% or higher VLT (Visible Light Transmittance).  If you have tinted windows, but no certificate – you need a tint inspection so that we can issue you one.

I had my windows tinted, but not at Portland Tint Inc.  Do I still need a tint inspection?

If your vehicle is registered in the State of Maine, and the front driver and passenger windows are tinted, you will need a valid State of Maine Certificate of Compliance for Window Tinting Material.  If one of these certificates was not issued to you at the time of installation, or you had the vehicle tinted in another state, you will have to pass a tint inspection in order to receive one.

How much does a tint inspection cost?

The tint inspection is free!  If you pass, the cost of the tint certificate is just $15 and does not need to be renewed.  If you fail, there is no charge and we can discuss the different options that are available to you.

What if I fail the tint inspection?

If your front windows measure less than 35% VLT, you will fail the inspection.  If this happens, you will need to have the front window film removed.  This is not something that we recommend doing on your own.  We have special tools and techniques for removing film and would be glad to help you with this for a nominal fee.  When the illegal window film is removed, we can reinstall legal window film.

I had my window film installed at Portland Tint Inc., do I need a tint inspection?

Portland Tint Inc. issues a tint certificate with every complete window film application and every set of front windows.  It is included the price!

I had my windows tinted in another state, will they pass inspection in Maine?

Window tint laws vary from state to state, so your windows might not pass inspection.  It only takes a few minutes for us to check them though, no appointment necessary!