Residential Film

Portland Tint Inc. is Maine’s only authorized dealer of LLumar and Vista residential window films. They are manufactured by Eastman – the world’s largest manufacturer of solar control and safety window film. Eastman Chemical was founded in 1955 and since then has been the leader and pioneer of the window film industry.

In order to represent these prestigious brands we were required to undergo an extensive training and accreditation process.  Our focus is on providing you with an accurate, efficient, and professional installation.  Our accredited installers are very conscientious and respectful of your home.  There is a reason we are Maine’s 1st Choice for Window Film.

LLumar and Vista window films can help you reduce your energy bills, improve comfort, and protect your investment. The typical concerns of our residential customer are heat rejection, glare reduction and the protection of valuable furnishings and art work from the sun’s damaging rays.

Did you know that LLumar and Vista window film can save you a considerable amount of money on air conditioning?  LLumar and Vista window films help maintain a constant temperature in your living space, thus providing a more comfortable environment.  It also helps you conserve energy.  Why sacrifice comfort in your home?

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